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CalCatholic observing July 4 holiday

CalCatholic will not be publishing new content today in observance of Independence Day. In addition, comments will not be regularly reviewed and posted.

We will resume normal schedule tomorrow.


Posted Wednesday, July 04, 2012 9:15 AM By Roberta Genini
Happy Independence Day to the California Catholic Daily staff and readers. Pray for religious freedom in union with the American bishops!

Posted Wednesday, July 04, 2012 2:52 PM By JLS
Religious freedom is not what the American bishops actually want, Roberta. If they did, then they'd simply tell their dioceses to vote against abortion. They, however, prefer to call for some kind in nonsense that won't solve any problem, which is civil disobedience. These bishops were educated in really inferior schools ... did not learn how to reason based on fact but rather how to craftily connive to make matters worse. How do I know? Because that is what they do, as you can see. Find some view of what the bishops have done that has not brought religious calamity ... this is a challenge to you. Get off the saccharine high horse and start looking at reality ... you have the Holy Ghost to keep you safe. As Bl John Paul II said over and over, "Do not fear".

Posted Thursday, July 05, 2012 9:59 AM By John F. Maguire
Today as yesterday, one of the first things the we as Americans celebrate on the Fourth of July is the abiding significance of the Declaration on Indepedence as a vital document within the Organic Law of this, our American Republic. "In the Declaration of Independence," Bishop Robert F. Morneau notes, "the founders of our country boldly state that everyone possesses inalienable rights: moral claims to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The _Catechism_ adds a point: A Christian's happiness, it observes, is linked to prayer and to our relationship with God." Robert F. Morneau, _Paths to Prayer_ (Cincinnatti, Ohio: St Anthony Messenger Press, 1998), p. 89. Auxiliary Bishop Robert Morneau is the Vicar General of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Posted Thursday, July 05, 2012 11:31 AM By Catherine
John F. Maguire, If today is as yesterday and if today you quote points in the Catechism and if today you quote Bishop Robert F. Morneau's moral claims to life, then why did you use many of your yesterdays to run interference for Professor Douglas Kmiec who promoted a President who ignored the 5th Commandment of "Thou Shalt Not Kill." The Catechism had already made that point too. Our Catholic bishops, priests and laity should never have voted for or supported those who worked to have Catholics vote for Obama.

Posted Thursday, July 05, 2012 2:24 PM By John F. Maguire
Get real, Catherine -- it was (1) Douglas Kmiec who invited the Supreme Court of the United States to repair to the Organic Law of the United States of American so better to re-examine the question of the personeity of preborn infants. What my Fourth-of-July post emphasized was that the Declaration of Independence, with its affirmation that all men are created equal, is an imprescindible feature of the Organic Law of the United States of America. Whence, in this same spirit, constitutional law professor Doug Kmiec's invocation of the fundamental Organic Law of our nation. (2) How anyone should vote -- be that vote cast today, yesterday, or tomorrow -- is an issue that is analytically separable from the objective need, also the felt-need, for both the Supreme Court and the American people to repair to this nation's Organic Law for guidance on the question of the personeity of preborn infants. As the vote-question presently stands in the context of this, the CalCatholic website, we are advised that a non-profit charity such as California Catholic Daily must needs respect the electioneering prohibition that is one of the conditions of its non-profit status.

Posted Thursday, July 05, 2012 7:33 PM By John F. Maguire
Dated July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence states the basic rationale why the Continental Congress had voted two days earlier to declare independence from Great Britain. As such, the Declaration on Independence is a constituent part of the Organic Law of this, our American Republic. At issue in this Declaration is the species-equality of all men ("We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness--That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed....") Are there some today who deny the species-equality of one or another subset of living human persons -- living human bodies? The answer, alas, is yes, A defender of _Roe v. Wade_, for example, writes: "We call [the unborn infant] a baby when it is wanted and a fetus when it isn't." No recognition of the species-equality of all living human bodies here. ~ What about the right-deviationist wing of the Republican Party? This wing claims that the States of the United States possess the prerogative to decide AGAINST the personeity of preborn infants. No recognition of the species-equality of all living human bodies here. ~ All told then, it remains a major mistake for the United States Supreme Court, allied with faux-conservatives, to have scanted the Declaration on Independence. ~ The Declaration, in its affirmation of the species-equality of all men, invites the hearty endorsement of all Americans. Indeed, in the field of jurisprudence, "We think the Declaration of Independence is entitled to rare precedential force, despite [the Supreme Court's,] that eminent tribunal's effort to thwart its implementation." Wanda Franz, "The Unalienable Right to Life and the Consent of the Governed," _National Right to Life News_, vol. 33, no. 8 (August 2006).

Posted Thursday, July 05, 2012 9:44 PM By Catherine
John F. Maguire writes "Get real, Catherine." California Catholic Daily, Keep up the good work! Who said anything about CCD telling people who to vote for? I am sure you read John F. Maguire's last sentence that is trying to squelch free speech. That little reminder sounded like something from Rahm Emanuel. Chicago politics have now become a part of John F. Maguire's repertoire of tactics. How interesting that Chief Justice Roberts chose Malta to teach law during his retreat time. Isn't Malta the same place where Obama rewarded Professor Kmiec with an Ambassador title for his loyalty? Is Catholic Malta becoming the rewarded safe haven of errant Catholic law professors?

Posted Friday, July 06, 2012 9:25 AM By John F. Maguire
The field of legal studies is exacting, Catherine -- not infrequently, law professors are in error on one point or another. Still, Douglas Kmiec, for his part, is not mistaken in urging the Supreme Court to revisit the question of the personeity of preborn infants in the light of the Organic Law of the United States of America. By the same token, Wanda Franz's position on the Declaration of Independence, understood as a part of that Organic Law, should, I've argued, be revisited. In reference to the Supreme Court's decision in _Steinberg v. Carhart_ (2000), Wanda Franz writes: "The extreme nature of the Court's abortion rulings is now clear for all too see: With the excuse of 'health' reasons, the abortionist may deliver a child -- except for the baby's head -- force a cannula into the base of the skull, and suck his brains out. Rather than securing the 'unalienable right to Life and the Pursuit of Happiness," this Court is now shielding butchers profiting in the bloody traffic of 'choice.' The Constitution, the 'instrument for the implemention' of the Declaration on Independence, is now revoltingly perverted into a tool for its denial." W. Franz, "The Unalienable Right to Life and the Consent of the Governed," _National Right to Life News_, Vol. 33, No. 8 (August 2006).

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